About Us


Viel is a leading women’s fashion supplier for the high demanding clothing retailers, supplying more than 700 different brands. Our business encompasses the design, fabric, cutting and tailoring of fashion; supporting you in the grueling manufacturing process.

Over the years, we have evolved at the same pace as our customer, delivering the most desired styles, top quality & suitable size for all. We are constantly watching out for new designs & latest fashion trends. The product lines are always being updated with new different models every day to match each and every brand’s taste.


    Viel offers a customizable fashion for retailers to sell with their brand, from design to fabric, bringing them closer than ever to the products they wanted. By carefully selecting the best fabric & stitching, we strive to bring your brand’s overall value to the limit.

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    The ready stock is created by our design team to bring the freshest clothing. Everything we design is inspired by global trends through social media and popular culture. By selecting the best we made, we’ve got all the stuff you need and love.

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